Drainage in France

It's a sad fact but France is probably the last country in Europe to clean up its drainage systems and remove the pollution threat to the environment posed by out dated, broken or non-existant sewage treatment for both houses and industry.

The reason for this is historic, not due to a lack of care for the Environment.

With so many houses and even businesses out in rural France there has been no way to link up Mains Drainage, as in the UK, Holland, Italy, for the majority of the villages and small towns all over France.

So it has been left to individual house owners to clean up the drainage systems they are using. Unsurprisingly the majority of owners do not have the resources to pay for a new system. As the main time that money is available for such things is during or after a House Purchase, the French Gouvernment has put in place rules and surveys that force house

owners (either before the sale or after) compare their drainage against the regulations and upgrade it if it does not conform. There is a time limit on this upgrade.

Our SPANC Services

SPANC are the department in charge of en,suring that all drainage works conform with the current regulations.

The require a report on the proposed installation and technical information about the land you are installing into. This includes calculations on perculation, rock depths, as well as the regulation distances.

Our SPANC service provides you with all the information they need and will ensure that your installation is approved and installed without any headaches or surprises. We are up-to-date with all the regulations and undderstand exactly what SPANC require. We will get your installation passed.

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