Planning Applications

During our many years of renovating these wonderful old houses around France we have learned alot about the Planning Application (Permis de Construire) process and how it has evolved over those years.

We have had many meetings with various Architects de la France (yes, there is more than one) and have argued forcefully on several occasions for our clients wishes.

Combined the very many successful Applications with our experienced and qualified staff (in surveying, plans, costings as well as permis) we are best placed to ensure your Plannign Application is sucessful.

In fact we are so sure of our abilities we offer you our :

Application Passed 100% GUARANTEED

We have dealt with so many renovation situations with respect to Planning Applications that we can be sure to advise you on what will be allowed and will not be allowed in your region.

Our Planning Services

The Permis de Construire is a document thzat can stretch to 60 pages, involving written deatils (in French), plans, 3D representations, photos etc etc. Our Planning Service will supply all of these in your completed Application. We can deal with Regional or National Parks, Historic Monument areas as well as Demolitions, RT2012, Certificate d'Urbanisms etc.

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