About Us

We are a French registered company since 2005 and part of the A Piece of Burgundy family. A Piece of Burgundy have been renovating houses in and around Burgundy for 10 years. We have used our knowledge and specialised into the following areas of expertise :

  • All official formalities based around renovating in France    ( Permis de Construire, Demolir, Certificates d'Urbanism, Declaration travaux etc)
  • Drainage Systems that are nearly always required during a renovation
  • Building materials sales via our sister companies     ( especially high performance insulation, sewage treatment plants, pumps & alarms)
  • Export of French gifts, foods & luxuries
  • Sourcing & wholesaling French Antiques & Ancient building materials

All based on our love of these old Houses and French Treasures we have worked with during those 10 years.

As we are living in France, based on the border bewteen Burgundy and Champagne, we have been able to source a great collection of collectables, curiosities and furniture and some fantastic local artisan foods. And for those complicated Planning Applications, SPANC paperwork etc we are here to deal with things personally.

Many of our items will be unique, and most are different from the other similar companies selling French items. That's because we have some unique relationships with age old French owners, Brocantes and other collectors. We get to see many items the other companies don't as they visit furniture fairs and brocantes from other parts of France.

Our Planning Permission, SPANC & Drainage Services are the result of many years of dealing with the ever changing requirements of the French system, including dealing with the Architects de la France, Regional Parks, Histroic Monument locations etc etc. Our team is very well esperienced and fully qualified under the French BTS Batiments courses, all of whom are completely Bilingual. Your account will dealt with swiftly and expertly to ensure you are Guarenteed Acceptance quickly and painlessly.

So please come in, browse the departments on the left and see what you can find.

Enjoy your visit, we hope you find what you are looking for. Shame we can't bring you the smells and views from here, but you will find the history, the style and the feelings.

By the way, you can have the Taste and Smells of France, just look at our Food section of the site for the best food and ingreients from wonderful French Cuisine.

Thanks for your visit