Planning Applications or Permis de Construire

Shrouded in fear and mystique the French Planning Permission procedure has produced many problems for Ex Pats and holiday home owners over the years.

However, if done correctly and in good time there is no reason it isn't a quick and straightforward foray into French beurocracy. We can ensure that you have a smooth ride through the whole process.

The normal delays in treating your planning application does vary with the project. Our service takes from 7 to 14 days. You then hand the whole dossier to your mayor: from that point you could have a successful response in less than a month. However, if there are complications (Regional park, Historic monument etc) there will almost certainly be a delay. That can be from 1 to several months.

We take care of the plans, 3D views, the paperwork in French, the calculations etc etc. All you need to do is sign it and hand it to your Mayor. Our service includes all follow up work if there is any. We can handle any contact with your Mairie or the planning authorities and translaet all the documents they may send. No extra charge is made for this.

   As with all things French : the devil is in the detail !
Available for :

  • Permis de Construire
  • Declaration Préalable
  • Permis de Demolir
  • Declaration travaux
  • SPANC papers*
  • RT2012

  • Historic Monument locations
  • Regional & National Parks
  • Extensions
  • General Renovations
  • Dorma Windows
  • Roof transformations
  • New Builds
  • Septic tank requirements*
The Planning Application

Preparation is key and ensuring that you understand completely what you wish to achieve, and how that will impact on your future use of the house plus what will be allowed and accepted, will ensure you get the permission granted quickly and without fuss.

RT2012 Regulations

Current regulations in France concerning planning permissions are more complex than ever before. The heating/ energy regulations RT2012 are in full force and add extra paperwork and design requirements for all New Builds, Extensions and most Renovations.

We can advise you on these regulations and we also have an RT2012 paperwork service if your Permis requires it.

Drainage Regulations

The current Permis de Construire also requires a description of your current Drainage and Sewage system. If this system does not conform to the 2009 and 2012 regulations then you must submit an Application with the Permis to SPANC, the department that deals with Drainage Conformity. We have many years experience with this system and have many drainage options available, from the traditional Fosse septiques to the new Micro Station d'Eurpations. See the SPANC link to the right to see how we can help you here.

Service Permis de Construire

  • The Planning forms completed in French
  • All Plans as required,
  • All 3D views, before ∓ after
  • All Section views, Ventilation etc
  • Cadastre plans and information
  • Photo sheet & descriptions
      Price : 489 €
  • Plerase enquire for over 170m²
  • Site visits if required
  • Full Print & Send service

* an additional fee applies for the options. See +Info

RT2012 Report

  • A study of your plans for RT2012 conformity
  • Heaeting/ Insulation calculations
  • Full Report on your conformity
  • (incl remedy advice)
      Price : 119 €

Apply for :

Attestation RT2012

  • Attestation completed in French
  • All calculations required for the Permis
  • Labelled plans
  • Attached to your Permis

      Price : 199 €

SPANC Paperwork

If your drainage system does not conform to regulations use our SPANC service

  • The SPANC forms completed in French
  • All Plans as required
  • Labelled plans
  • Attached to your Permis

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