SPANC Paperwork or
Demande d'un installation d'un ANC

SPANC have become notorious around France, bringing out voiciferous comments of dispair and congratulations in equal parts !

We have been dealing with many, many different SPANC departments around France for over 6 years. We understand how they work and are able to ensure that your new drainage installation is accepted, passes the regulations and will not break your budget into pieces.

There are very many aspects of the Drainage Regulations that need to be covered by your SPANC Application. They require a detailed knowledge of both the regulations and the environment into which you are installing.

   We have a Solution to ALL Installations : Big or Small !
Available for :

  • Standard Gardens
  • Maison Secondaires
  • Courtyards
  • Commercial
  • Industial
  • Campings

  • Fosse Septiques/ Septic Tanks
  • Micro Station d'Epuration
  • Reed Beds
  • Remote installations
  • Installation Advice
Our SPANC service takes care of both of these problems. Our qualified Environmental Scientist will ensure that the installation will safeguard the environment AND will produce the plans, sections, measurements and descriptions that SPANC need to pass your installation.

Planning Applications

The current Permis de Constuire also requires a description of your current Drainage and Sewage system. If this system does not conform to the 2009 and 2012 regulations then you must submit an Application with the Permis to SPANC. We have many years experience with various systems and have many drainage options available, from the traditional Fosse septiques to the new Micro Station d'Eurpations, even the Reed Bed treatment Ecolgical systems.

Our SPANC Services

SPANC Papaerwork

  • The SPANC forms completed in French
  • All Plans as required,
  • Fil d'Eau, Terre Naturale, profondeurs shown
  • All Section views, Ventilation etc
  • Cadastre plans and information
  • Photo sheet & descriptions
      Price : 389 €
  • Soil Surveys if required
  • Installation if required
  • Full Print & Send service

* an additional fee applies for the options. See +Info

Soil Surveys

  • A study of your land for suitablity
  • Permeability tests
  • Geographic limitations for the SPANC
      Price : 299 €

Apply for :

Full Installations

We have years of experience with installing all types of drainage solutions, such as :

  • Traditional Fosse Septiques
  • WPL Diamond MSE
  • Biodisc (all sizes)
  • Reed beds treatment
  • Grease traps
  • Pumping Stations

Our complete Project management of you installation (using qualified French Artisans) is available from just:

      Price : 599 €