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Zoeller Pumps in France

At last the super strong Zoeller Pumps are available in France via our sister company who are the approved Zoeller sales company in France.

The catalogue of pumps from Zoeller is extensive and covers every need possible, from flood removal from houses, through Vide-Caves (to keep your cellar dry) to sewage pumps to industrial pumps for hugh pressure and low pressure applications. Most models are available in Auto versions (using the highly recommended Vertical Integrated float) or Non-Auto versions for either manual switching or used in conjunction with a Control Panel (see our FourGroup Control Panels)

We have selected the best pumps from the whole range, those used most often during renovations around the world and most suitable for our Drainage Solutions.

Utility Pumps
Along with the Z44 Auto, Zoeller Utility Pumps are the best solution for reliable flood removal and prevention. They can be used with a standard hose pipe for removing the water as far away as you like.

Back Up Pumps
We have a range of back Up options. With the likelihood of loosing your electricity quite high around France, having a Back Up on your cellar pump can be essential. Grey Water Pumps
From Celler Emptying to putting your kitchen below the drainage level, Zoeller Grey Water pumps give you the most reliable solution in the world. The Z53 Auto is the best selling grey water pump in the USA and has been for years. Trust Zoeller to keep your house safe and operating just as you want it. Sewage Pumps
With so many houses and businesses in france being off the mains drainage network, many of us have to deal with our own drainage systems. Our Zoeller sewage pumps can help in all situations where you need to lift sewage water up to a fosse, sewage treatment plant or drainge field. We can even pump up to the mains drains if you are lucky enough to have them. Height or length of lift is not restriction with Zoeller. We have a pump for every installation.
Use the Strongest : Rely on the Best : Use Zoeller Pumps France